Referee: K Dunne

Shamrock Rovers suffer defeat to Ardee Celtic.
2nd placed Shamrock Rovers were beaten at home by Ardee Celtic at Shamrock Rovers at 2 pm

Shamrock Rovers
Form: L D W W W

This is Ardee Celtic's first game

Current League Position
Last 16 Quarter Final Semi Final Final
@P1-16 @S1-16
@P2-16 @S2-16  
@P1-QF @S1-QF
  @P2-QF @S2-QF  
@P3-16 @S3-16
@P4-16 @S4-16  
@P1-SF @S1-SF
  @P2-SF @S2-SF  
@P5-16 @S5-16
@P6-16 @S6-16  
@P3-QF @S3-QF
  @P4-QF @S4-QF  
@P7-16 @S7-16
@P8-16 @S8-16  
@P1-F @S1-F
  @P2-F @S2-F
@P9-16 @S9-16
@P10-16 @S10-16  
@P5-QF @S5-QF
  @P6-QF @S6-QF  
Wexford Albion AFC
Douglas Hall
Douglas Hall win 5-6 after pens.
@P3-SF @S3-SF
  @P4-SF @S4-SF    
@P13-16 @S13-16
@P14-16 @S14-16  
@P7-QF @S7-QF
  @P8-QF @S8-QF  
@P15-16 @S15-16
@P16-16 @S16-16  

2Shamrock Rovers430114869

This competition head to head
09/02/19 2 pmShamrock Rovers11Ardee CelticShamrock Rovers

Recent Results in this competition
Shamrock Rovers
06/04/19 2 pmShamrock Rovers45Wexford Albion AFC
09/02/19 2 pmShamrock Rovers11Ardee Celtic
26/01/19 2 pmShamrock Rovers30Kilcock Celtic
20/10/18 2:30 pmShamrock Rovers32Parkville United
06/10/18 2:30 pmShamrock Rovers41Southend Utd
Ardee Celtic
09/02/19 2 pmShamrock Rovers11Ardee Celtic
Referee Statistics
K Dunne67131828

Shamrock RoversArdee Celtic